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The memory of Apollonius of Tyana lives on in the collective consciousness


From around 250 CE - The burning of the library at Alexandria, Egypt at the order of the Roman Emperor was another attempt to wipe out all memory of Apollonius of Tyana (3-97 CE) @ Apollonius of Tyana - Healer and Philosopher At great risk to their lives, some of the librarians at Alexandria got a copy of "Petronius's Life of Apollonius" out of the library before all of those records bearing witness to the miracles that Apollonius of Tyana had done, were destroyed. This is our primary source for the existence of Apollonius, whose life very much parallels the fictitious "Iesus Christus" that the Roman elites created... a fiction! There are many secondary sources of Apollonius as well, which are littered throughout letters and scrolls in Roman Latin texts.

The memory of the handsome, barefoot, long-haired, white-robed linen-wearing, vegetarian who travelled to India three times in his life (remember that "urban legend"?) who was alcohol-abstaining, and celebate as a Pythagorean philosopher was meant to be... a teacher to the people and healer of their biological physical illnesses (Apollonius healed people wherever he went) and brought peace on the souls of people living in a very stressful Roman world...


THAT is Apollonius. He LIVES ON... in practically every church in the western world !! He is embedded in the collective memory !! He will not and he will NEVER go away... no matter what lies this black Babylonian priesthood tells the people, to try to make him go away.

#BabylonianMagicians #ThePriesthood #JewWorldOrder #TheVatican #OldFamiliesOfEurope

Their plans will NEVER succeed !!

The memory of Apollonius of Tyana the Pythagorean 
teacher, healer and philosoper LIVES ON !!

#CollectiveConsciousness #CreatorSpirit

The time in New Zealand when I posted this was 1:11  "Accidentally"  #Sychronicity  #Proofs

Further notes:

The world 2000 years ago was a world under Roman occupation - as we still are today. In many, many ways, this continuing colonization of Rome all over the world, is still executed because of this religion that they introduced to the whole world by 325 CE. The Roman and old European and British elite families are still ruling over us from the Papal See-Sea admiralty "throne". 

This evil magic is being broken right now as you read.  YOU are the collective consciousness that is bringing this hegemony to an end right now in this moment !!  - Right now !! 

Join saying this with me, with all of your heart...  

... and click on the link attached to the above declaration. It's very important that you understand what you are doing and how this works #QuantumField  #ScienceOfImagery

It's high-time we left the "fishy" smells behind of this Dagon-worshipping Picsean Age with all of its illusion-making and masking of the truth through spell-casting #BabylonianMagicians and sensory over-drive, eg: pornography, love of money, human blood drinking #Adrenochrome #TheSacrament #BloodOfChrist symbolism. Evil. Evil. Evil.

Dagon worship in the Roman Empire

By drinking "the blood" (Sanguis Christi) - even through the symbolism of drinking wine or grape juice (symbols are very powerful magic) - you have allied yourself with Rome and tied yourself symbolically, spiritually, metaphysically (bonded) to the throne of the Roman Papal See-Sea under Admiralty Law. This is a contract between you and the Pope that states, "I am in agreement to being ruled over by you. I have heard, through various sources such as Santos Bonacci (an Australian Italian man) that everybody's original Birth Certificates are kept in the Vatican vaults, after they've been securitized on the New York Stock Exchange. They own you. Cattle. "Lambs to the slaughter". How ironic #AgnusDei #LambOfGod (Jesus)

It's all right there #HiddenInPlainSight  if you really want to see it.

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Video:  MUST WATCH!! Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican - Santos Bonacci
Published on August 17, 2012
Presentation by Santos Bonacci exposing how the trick of ownership was executed.

First published on January 27, 2012.

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Video: The Fraud of the Birth Certificate on "The TRUTH Hour" with Johnny Guzman and Santos Bonacci
Uploaded by qltelevision. Published on Mar 3, 2012
Recorded on February 13, 2012
Santos Bonacci explain how a fraud has been imposed on us without our knowledge... Bonacci expalins how when parents allow a birth certificate of their child that child enters a contract with the state, creating the illusion that we will receive great benefits when in reality the greatest benefits go to the Bankers and Wall Street.

Also see "Kate of Gaia" articles - VERY IMPORTANT!
For more information go to our web page: Email:

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Canon Law makes us "persons" (in Latin: "persona") meaning "the actor's mask". Consider this:  #TheatreOfWar  #ActOfParliament  #SceneOfTheCrime  #Boards - which can mean "administrators" as well as the wooden floor boards of the stage  #TreadTheBoards. These theatrical references are all through bureucratic terminology because it's nothing but a "movie". It's all fake! Our lives have been constructed for us to be a theatrial performance.

Shakespeare said: "All the world is a stage..."  He was obviously in on the secret.

Performance: In Latin (per = 'through'). Through what?)  Through FORM. MATERIALITY.  All material things become a fiction in law - especially when we have to register it - such as our babies, cars, businesses, marriages, divorces, firearms, your "legal (fictitious) name" so that you can vote in your country's General Election. ALL of these things are the materials (form) that we hand over to Vatican Inc. when we register them - even abstract things such as "a marriage".

Do you see now why this "Iesus Christus" cult is so insideous? Do  you see now why I am so cross at these elite Roman families and that they usurped the identity and good works (amazing and miraculous works) of one Apollonius of Tyana - REAL MAN - in order to trick you? Do you see now why I have dedicated 1000s of hours to researching this material so I can bring it to you as a nice easy-to-follow package? This is why... Because the "Christus" cult which is owned and promoted by Vatican Inc, owns you - until you see the magic trick and start to move yourself out of that system by whatever means you have available to you. Even intentionally, through thought, you can start to move yourself out of this insidious system.

Please see Marcus's video series "Servant King" to see what I mean by this.  #Legalese. 
It's all part of the  #BlackBabylonianMagicTrick

In law: That's why "he" or "she" is a PERSON - not people.

Note: I avidly avoid using the word "person" for any reason. It makes me cringe!

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Video. Intro: Confusion Programs 1 of 9

Uploaded by Servant King. Published on Apr 21, 2013

The greatest hoax ever played on man. Everyone believes they "OWN" what they have. Nothing could be further from the truth, and nobody cares. If only you knew what "OWNING" nothing really means and how it is done. "The Perfect Swindle" Complete presentation at Website:

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The #CaughtRoom asks "are you this 'person'?" meaning >> Are you this fictitious legal character #Strawman. You are absolutely not, so you should always say "No"  << very important link. Currently as you stand, you are a fictional non-existing entity, just like the fake "Iesus" character of Rome. Please also see this article "Unam Sanctam" (1302) which was created by the Roman elites and put into Canon Law (Papal Law), and which lasts to this day!

In other words... It's all a big fat hoax  #BabylonianMagicians and one with many, many ramifications - spiritual, legal, monetary... What you believe to be "land ownership" is a hoax. You don't own any land... You're just the Title Holder. This trick was done by the usurpation of your ancestral allodial title - the land held for hundreds of generations by your ancestors. Your land has been removed from you by successive warlords, kings, queens, governments and now, corporations. ALL of the things you think belong to you, actually belong to Rome in the 21st century. Why do you think you have to go to slave labour every day?  #MoneyTrick  You are a debt slave.  Why do you think you can be charged for what you do to your own body (eg: cannabis use), or how you use your property, (eg: accidental dog attack). Because:

NONE OF THESE THINGS ACTUALLY BELONGS TO YOU. You are just using them. By registering all of these things, you are acknowledging that the State aka "The Crown" aka Vatican Inc. owns these things... and they do. Otherwise, in law, how could you be charged for using what belongs to you? It wouldn't happen. Under "Common Law" (law of the land), you would simply be required to pay reparations. Under this phoney system, you are answerable to those #BlackBabylonianMagicians #SaturnWorshippers in the #CaughtRoom. They are the agents of Vatican Inc. The Vatican (the Pope and the elites) own your body also - UNTIL you see the trick !!  Then you are no longer beguiled by the illusion  #MoneyMagic  #Individualism  #SurvivalOfTheFittest  #Competition  #Capitalism  #Corporation  #Monopoly  #Insurance  #Investment  #Retirement  #Wealth  #ShareMarket  #NYSE  #Gold  

It's all a fiction to keep you running on the hampster wheel, and so that you never have time to look up and see the great big fat chains that are around your neck. You currently probably classify all of this as "getting on" in the world. Please take stock... The main entity you are enriching by your labour is >>  "The System" aka "Vatican Inc.", the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the international war machine.  "Every war is a bankers' war." 

It's time we very consciously leave that EVIL Papal "Christian" fiction behind and enter our new Aquarian Age >> The age of brotherly love, humanitarianism, altruism, the sharing of resources, valuing life, connecting to true Creator-Source -  A place where the Dagon-Christian priests are not needed.  Creator speaks to us directly into our hearts. We have no need for these fake Roman priests and Jewish rabbis or Muslim muftis any longer...

Creator speaks directly into our hearts.

We all have the ability to listen, and to hear.

See this article:
Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!

Freemasons' Hall in London is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and a meeting place for the Masonic Lodges in the London area.

"One of the symbols of masonry is the world in a net. The masonic network is vast and encompasses the entire globe. The Freemasons' Hall in London is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and a meeting place for the Masonic Lodges in the London area. The building is used both internally and externally as a stand-in for Thames House (the home of MI5) in the TV series Spooks."

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