Wednesday 23 August 2017

Awakening to the LIES of the Roman Catholic church

April said:
Most people don't understand the pyramid of government either. The head of the snake is the Vatican and the Zionists report into them. The secret societies are these Bohemian Grove sacrificial ceremonies and ALL governments around the world are part of this vast pedo network. Many people are starting to see the light. I am uncertain about many things now. Who wrote the Bible? Many now believe that it was all symbolism and that Jesus was supposed to have been symbolic of the sun. I have no idea. All I know is that almost everything we've been told is a LIE.

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My replies following...

Yes. Many people are realising that so much of what we understand to be "real" is actually a fiction. You'll find lots of articles on my blog discussing this very thing...

Apollonius even raised a young woman from her death-bed... Sound familiar? Ref: the supposed Lazarus being raised from the dead. Apollonius was educated as a Pythagorean philosopher... This involved an education in what we now call "quantum physics". Apollonius knew very well what quantum physics is, and how molecules can be directed through thought #ObservationProblem #ScienceOfImagery  and thereby manifest in healing people. 

Image - The Pythagorean School

Not enough is known about the Pythagorean school. Apollonius (4-97 AD/CE) studied for a year in Sophistry at age 16 (in 20 AD), then chose the rigors of the Pythagorean school. He studied in Pythagoreanism from ages 17-21 and again from 23-28. During the last 5 years, he undertook 5 years of silence, as per the ancient admonition of Pythagoras to do so. That tradition had long been dropped, by the 1st century. Apollonius of Tyana took 18 months off in the middle of his study to settle his father's estate after his passing. Note: Apollonius's brother squandered his half of the inheritance before he returned to the family estate, where Apollonius helped him return to a right mind... Sound familiar? It should #ProdigalSon

After Apollonius's 5 year of silence, he began his mission as a fully-fledged philosopher, which was an actual job in the Greek tradition... And where did he go to from ages 29-34? To southern Judea - south Palestina (Israel) where he continued in discussion with other sages, he healed people, and he taught them how to live a good life with each other. Peculiarly, Apollonius of Tyana never once came across "Jesus of Nazareth", which is very strange considering they were both (allegedly) teaching great truths in the same very small country at the same time... You can walk the whole of Palestina in around 3 days. And yet Apollonius never met "Jesus".  Funny that!

The notoriety of Apollonius of Tyana was huge... all over the mediterranean world. Apollonius travelled from Spain, Italy and Greece all the way to Iraq (Babylon), from Egypt to Algeria, and on three separate occasions during his 93 years of life, he went down into India (the Indus). There were 16 temples erected in his honour all over the Mediterranean (not to worship him), but for the practice of the "true religion" they called it, which Apollonius is said to have revived. People had seen the light and found the true religion of LOVE. And where are those temples today? Gone. Gone. All of these temples were torn down by Rome, and every mention of Apollonius in scrolls, letters and "books" of the day were burned !! That's how much Rome wanted to eradicate all memory of him. The agenda of "love" did not fit with the Roman war machine, so by 300CE, the Romans had to eliminate this religion and these philosophies of peace. It's very difficult to raise an army when the predominant teaching infiltrating all through the Empire was, "Give to Rome what is Rome's (material gold aka taxes), and give to God what belongs to God..." (which of course is your Essential Nature - the eternal soul-being) "... Love one another..." and "If someone strikes you on the cheek, turn the other cheek also." Yes... very hard for Rome to raise its mercenary armies all over the Empire when this teaching of Apollonius was being spread abroad.

My personal opinion is this: That the Roman elites took the memory of the man Apollonius of Tyana and what he taught, and created their own books... about a great teacher called "Iesus Christus". The "tell" is actually in the name... It's a Roman name, even though preachers will tell you it's Greek, it's not. I studied in Classical Studies (including Roman Latin) at university for 4 years. "Iesus Christus" is most certainly Roman! Then what did this "Iesus Christus" have to do so that Rome could maintain control of the masses?  The Romans had to meld these stories with the religion of Mithraism, which was the biggest religion of Rome up until the 2nd century AD, and then very strangely, it just peetered out. Strange that... considering that the "saviour story" of Mithras then popped up in the new religion dubbed "Christianity". The other "tell" in this "Christianity" that Rome created is that you need a priest (in the original Roman tradition of that church) so you can "get to" God - just the same as in Mithraism, in the worship of Zeus (consider the phonetics in pronouncing the name "Iesus" >> He-zeus), and in the worship of Amen (Amen-Ra down in Egypt) which was part of the Roman Empire, via Julius Caesar - Cleopatra connections. Do you also see it now...?? In the new "Christianity", you needed a priest to get to God. In Apollonius's teaching, you are filled with the radiance of God throughout every cell of your being - therefore, what is the use of a priest? The other function of the priest was to collect secrets for the Roman elites... through "the confessional" - just like in "The God Father". This I feel (and understand) is how Rome created this religion off the back of Apollonius's popularity and notoriety. Rome usurped the teaching... and continued to keep the people under its thumb.

So who was it who wrote the New Testament? ... some clues here >>

That's right... The Sun God. Why do you think Christian prayers are punctuated at the end with "Amen"? aka Amun Ra, Amon Ra, Amen Ra.

... And oh yes... We can go deeper down the rabbit hole after this... all the way to pedophilia, to grown adult males and Roman soldiers rutting each other in secret, and ritual child sexual sodomy and sacrifice. We see the highly fashionable and desirable Roman catamite - the Roman child sex slave. Note: It was socially unacceptable for grown men of marriageable age (around 30 years) to have sex with each other. It was considered perfectly fine to torture a child with your penis however.

Image - Idealized. Zeus and Ganymede.


The following studies are not for the faint-hearted. Most of the 26 links on this link are written by me. I had to go down many rabbit holes to join all of these dots together. Please go slow... May your eyes see also the trick that has been done #MagicTrick #Illusion #BabylonianMagicians

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