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Jeremiah points the way #SwissPharaohs Roman-Egyptian #Bloodline


The Wikipedia article about Jeremiah is the primary source used for these observations. To find out more about these Swiss Pharaohs (which includes Rome-Vatican City and the one square mile City of London), please go to my primary blog - "Co-creating Our New Earth".
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Referencing Wiki:

Sounds like Egyptians in Canaan to me... "Anathoth" where Jeremiah lived.

"the greed of priests" - sounds like the priests of Karnak, Egypt to me... They were #Bloodline priests. Amenhotep IV aka "Akhenaten" installed members of the Pharaoh line (his relations) as priests at Karnak in an attempt to bring allegiance between these powerful priests (many thousands of them) and the Pharaoh (himself). It didn't work. When Akhenaten stopped the worship of Egypt's polytheism in c.1350 BCE, the priests didn't like this - of course. The money stopped flowing for sacrifices performed to the various gods. However, when these priests went into Canaan along with all of the Pharaoh children of former Pharaohs, I think they saw the benefits of monotheism (my conjecture). These priests (this priestly line, like the Indian caste system) who now served Ba'al, served only one god. They saw the power in this. This monotheistic death cult that moved to Rome as its centre, took control of the entire world. I would conjecture that the Priests of Karnak over millennia are now serving in The Vatican City. Their modus operandi has always been to play the intermediary between the people and god/God, and to collect lots of money for the privilege of doing so. That's how I know it's the same thieves.

Ka - the indwelling soul during life
Ba - the eternal soul after death

Ba'al > Ba'allah
Ka Ba'allah

Wikipedia screenshot:

Here is immediate confirmation of my conjecture above... The Egyptians went to Canaan, not the other way around. ie: There were no Hebrew slaves in Egypt in c.1500 BCE - not as a large grouping anyway, as we read in the Book of the Exodus in the Old Testament. The first time the Egyptians ever heard of a tribe called "Hebrew" was in 1400 BCE when the Egyptians went to war against the tribes of Canaan. Egypt wanted to create buffer states to protect them from the powerful Hittite Empire in the north. Canaan and its tribes and Samaria became that buffer.

Further down on the Wikipedia article... My commentary: By 600 BCE, the #Bloodline had seeped north into Samaria. Like the original ancestors from Egypt, Hosea and Jeremiah both allowed for many wives to be taken, but for there to be only 1 husband #Patriarchy #Misogyny

"Jerusalem fell to the Babylonian army in 587 BC" - and so begins the intermingling of the #Bloodline with the Babylonians of Mesopotamia >> the second home of the Canaanite Jews out of which eventually came the written "Babylonian Talmud" aka "The Talmud".

"King Johanan fled to Egypt, taking with him Jeremiah and Baruch and his daughters." Johanan knew where the Motherland was and who would give him protection. When everything turns to custard in the land we have colonised or immigrated to, what do we do? We return home to our Motherland. Why didn't Johanan flee to Athens, or to Rome? Because the Mother calls us home when we are in distress.

"There is no extra-biblical occurrence of his name [Jeremiah]... (many are of) the view that Jeremiah is no more than a fictional character." - like Iesus Christus, I hasten to add.

BD replies (on Facebook):  Well sort of. What they honor is the demonising of ancient enemies. Their hate propaganda is to motivate politics, military and the people to vote and fund their campaigns. After that they conquered and destroyed the empires they demonised and expanded the Roman Empire and the Roman culture. Now these days they honor the demonising lies written from their own libraries. False teachers and false prophets teach false teachings and false prophecies. The truth is burned with their destruction of the library of Alexandria. Nobody knows the truth. All you can find is their false teachers and false prophets Saturnian priesthood of the deadly sins, demonising lies of arrogant narcissistic psychopathic dark fantasies, lies in all our libraries all over the globe.

This author responds: Well said. Thank you for adding so many puzzle pieces to my own. Whether I "agree" with them or not doesn't matter - in these examples above, I do. As we open our hearts and minds to Great Spirit, "Source", we directly "download" the Truth. The truth exists and IS. "They" cannot delete, burn or separate us from Creator who reminds us through dreams, "memories" and knowings of "What IS" or "What was". Reach into the unseen realms with your heart, and the Truths lay there - bigger than the libraries at Alexandria!  Much love, Bron

(continuing) - Philostratus's "Life of Apollonius" was finished after the death of Roman Empress Julia Domna in 217 CE who had commissioned it. A copy, or copies were put into the library at Alexandria. Philostratus finished this work by c.237 CE. An attack (burning) of the library "by Aurelian occurred in the 270s AD" - the third burning I believe by my count. I would estimate that the copy we have made copies of today was smuggled out around the 260s CE. It was done at great peril of life to those who undertook that task. The copy was smuggled "into the desert" - to north or central modern day Saudi Arabia. Every trace of Apollonius was erased from history. Why? Was this man such a threat to the Roman Empire? Why has nobody heard of him? Why are none of the stones of 16 great temples erected in his honor not standing at any of their locations all over the Mediterranean world? Why were all books burned that ever mentioned his name? Answer - He really pissed off Rome and put a great big spanner into their military expansionist Imperial aspirations. If the words of Apollonius were actually put into the mouth of the fictitious Iesus Christus, we can understand why Rome wanted to get rid of this Man - "Love your brother; Do to others as you would have them do to you; If somebody strikes your cheek turn the other cheek also; If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword; Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, Give to God what is God's (our life); Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the sons of God..." ie: You can't raise a mercenary army when all the men in your Empire are given over to notions of loving each other. The teachings of Apollonius of Tyana cut right across the Roman (or as you say above - Pharaonic, "they/their") expansionist agenda.


More about Alexander and the library at Alexandria in Egypt:

BD (Dutch speaker replies): Well that proves what I am saying. All we are taught are truth demonised lies. And now we became so dumb and ignorant we honor and believe the lies we are taught about the truth, we were not allow to know. Not even the existence of it. These military power control by the AlphaÅ› has led to the fall of Rome, time after time...

This author:  That's right.

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