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The memory of Apollonius of Tyana lives on #CollectiveConsciousness


From around 250 CE - The burning of the library at Alexandria, Egypt at the order of the Roman Emperor was another attempt to wipe out all memory of Apollonius of Tyana (3-97 CE) @ Apollonius of Tyana - Healer and Philosopher At great risk to their lives, some of the librarians at Alexandria got a copy of "Petronius's Life of Apollonius" out of the library before all of those records bearing witness to the miracles that Apollonius of Tyana had done, were destroyed. This is our primary source for the existence of Apollonius, whose life very much parallels the fictitious "Iesus Christus" that the Roman elites created... a fiction! There are many secondary sources of Apollonius as well, which are littered throughout letters and scrolls in Roman Latin texts.

The memory of the handsome, barefoot, long-haired, white-robed linen-wearing, vegetarian who travelled to India three times in his life (remember that "urban legend"?) who was alcohol-abstaining, and celebate as a Pythagorean philosopher was meant to be... a teacher to the people and healer of their biological physical illnesses (Apollonius healed people wherever he went) and brought peace on the souls of people living in a very stressful Roman world...


THAT is Apollonius. He LIVES ON... in practically every church in the western world !! He is embedded in the collective memory !! He will not and he will NEVER go away... no matter what lies this black Babylonian priesthood tells the people, to try to make him go away.

#BabylonianMagicians #ThePriesthood #JewWorldOrder #TheVatican #OldFamiliesOfEurope

Their plans will NEVER succeed !!

The memory of Apollonius of Tyana the Pythagorean 
teacher, healer and philosoper LIVES ON !!

#CollectiveConsciousness #CreatorSpirit

The time in New Zealand when I posted this was 1:11  "Accidentally"  #Sychronicity  #Proofs

Further notes:

The world 2000 years ago was a world under Roman occupation - as we still are today. In many, many ways, this continuing colonization of Rome all over the world, is still executed because of this religion that they introduced to the whole world by 325 CE. The Roman and old European and British elite families are still ruling over us from the Papal See-Sea admiralty "throne". 

This evil magic is being broken right now as you read.  YOU are the collective consciousness that is bringing this hegemony to an end right now in this moment !!  - Right now !! 

Join saying this with me, with all of your heart...  

... and click on the link attached to the above declaration. It's very important that you understand what you are doing and how this works #QuantumField  #ScienceOfImagery

It's high-time we left the "fishy" smells behind of this Dagon-worshipping Picsean Age with all of its illusion-making and masking of the truth through spell-casting #BabylonianMagicians and sensory over-drive, eg: pornography, love of money, human blood drinking #Adrenochrome #TheSacrament #BloodOfChrist symbolism. Evil. Evil. Evil.

Dagon worship in the Roman Empire

By drinking "the blood" (Sanguis Christi) - even through the symbolism of drinking wine or grape juice (symbols are very powerful magic) - you have allied yourself with Rome and tied yourself symbolically, spiritually, metaphysically (bonded) to the throne of the Roman Papal See-Sea under Admiralty Law. This is a contract between you and the Pope that states, "I am in agreement to being ruled over by you. I have heard, through various sources such as Santos Bonacci (an Australian Italian man) that everybody's original Birth Certificates are kept in the Vatican vaults, after they've been securitized on the New York Stock Exchange. They own you. Cattle. "Lambs to the slaughter". How ironic #AgnusDei #LambOfGod (Jesus)

It's all right there #HiddenInPlainSight  if you really want to see it.

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Video:  MUST WATCH!! Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican - Santos Bonacci
Published on August 17, 2012
Presentation by Santos Bonacci exposing how the trick of ownership was executed.

First published on January 27, 2012.

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Video: The Fraud of the Birth Certificate on "The TRUTH Hour" with Johnny Guzman and Santos Bonacci
Uploaded by qltelevision. Published on Mar 3, 2012
Recorded on February 13, 2012
Santos Bonacci explain how a fraud has been imposed on us without our knowledge... Bonacci expalins how when parents allow a birth certificate of their child that child enters a contract with the state, creating the illusion that we will receive great benefits when in reality the greatest benefits go to the Bankers and Wall Street.

Also see "Kate of Gaia" articles - VERY IMPORTANT!
For more information go to our web page: Email:

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Canon Law makes us "persons" (in Latin: "persona") meaning "the actor's mask". Consider this:  #TheatreOfWar  #ActOfParliament  #SceneOfTheCrime  #Boards - which can mean "administrators" as well as the wooden floor boards of the stage  #TreadTheBoards. These theatrical references are all through bureucratic terminology because it's nothing but a "movie". It's all fake! Our lives have been constructed for us to be a theatrial performance.

Shakespeare said: "All the world is a stage..."  He was obviously in on the secret.

Performance: In Latin (per = 'through'). Through what?)  Through FORM. MATERIALITY.  All material things become a fiction in law - especially when we have to register it - such as our babies, cars, businesses, marriages, divorces, firearms, your "legal (fictitious) name" so that you can vote in your country's General Election. ALL of these things are the materials (form) that we hand over to Vatican Inc. when we register them - even abstract things such as "a marriage".

Do you see now why this "Iesus Christus" cult is so insideous? Do  you see now why I am so cross at these elite Roman families and that they usurped the identity and good works (amazing and miraculous works) of one Apollonius of Tyana - REAL MAN - in order to trick you? Do you see now why I have dedicated 1000s of hours to researching this material so I can bring it to you as a nice easy-to-follow package? This is why... Because the "Christus" cult which is owned and promoted by Vatican Inc, owns you - until you see the magic trick and start to move yourself out of that system by whatever means you have available to you. Even intentionally, through thought, you can start to move yourself out of this insidious system.

Please see Marcus's video series "Servant King" to see what I mean by this.  #Legalese. 
It's all part of the  #BlackBabylonianMagicTrick

In law: That's why "he" or "she" is a PERSON - not people.

Note: I avidly avoid using the word "person" for any reason. It makes me cringe!

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Video. Intro: Confusion Programs 1 of 9

Uploaded by Servant King. Published on Apr 21, 2013

The greatest hoax ever played on man. Everyone believes they "OWN" what they have. Nothing could be further from the truth, and nobody cares. If only you knew what "OWNING" nothing really means and how it is done. "The Perfect Swindle" Complete presentation at Website:

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The #CaughtRoom asks "are you this 'person'?" meaning >> Are you this fictitious legal character #Strawman. You are absolutely not, so you should always say "No"  << very important link. Currently as you stand, you are a fictional non-existing entity, just like the fake "Iesus" character of Rome. Please also see this article "Unam Sanctam" (1302) which was created by the Roman elites and put into Canon Law (Papal Law), and which lasts to this day!

In other words... It's all a big fat hoax  #BabylonianMagicians and one with many, many ramifications - spiritual, legal, monetary... What you believe to be "land ownership" is a hoax. You don't own any land... You're just the Title Holder. This trick was done by the usurpation of your ancestral allodial title - the land held for hundreds of generations by your ancestors. Your land has been removed from you by successive warlords, kings, queens, governments and now, corporations. ALL of the things you think belong to you, actually belong to Rome in the 21st century. Why do you think you have to go to slave labour every day?  #MoneyTrick  You are a debt slave.  Why do you think you can be charged for what you do to your own body (eg: cannabis use), or how you use your property, (eg: accidental dog attack). Because:

NONE OF THESE THINGS ACTUALLY BELONGS TO YOU. You are just using them. By registering all of these things, you are acknowledging that the State aka "The Crown" aka Vatican Inc. owns these things... and they do. Otherwise, in law, how could you be charged for using what belongs to you? It wouldn't happen. Under "Common Law" (law of the land), you would simply be required to pay reparations. Under this phoney system, you are answerable to those #BlackBabylonianMagicians #SaturnWorshippers in the #CaughtRoom. They are the agents of Vatican Inc. The Vatican (the Pope and the elites) own your body also - UNTIL you see the trick !!  Then you are no longer beguiled by the illusion  #MoneyMagic  #Individualism  #SurvivalOfTheFittest  #Competition  #Capitalism  #Corporation  #Monopoly  #Insurance  #Investment  #Retirement  #Wealth  #ShareMarket  #NYSE  #Gold  

It's all a fiction to keep you running on the hampster wheel, and so that you never have time to look up and see the great big fat chains that are around your neck. You currently probably classify all of this as "getting on" in the world. Please take stock... The main entity you are enriching by your labour is >>  "The System" aka "Vatican Inc.", the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the international war machine.  "Every war is a bankers' war." 

It's time we very consciously leave that EVIL Papal "Christian" fiction behind and enter our new Aquarian Age >> The age of brotherly love, humanitarianism, altruism, the sharing of resources, valuing life, connecting to true Creator-Source -  A place where the Dagon-Christian priests are not needed.  Creator speaks to us directly into our hearts. We have no need for these fake Roman priests and Jewish rabbis or Muslim muftis any longer...

Creator speaks directly into our hearts.

We all have the ability to listen, and to hear.

See this article:
Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!

Freemasons' Hall in London is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and a meeting place for the Masonic Lodges in the London area.

"One of the symbols of masonry is the world in a net. The masonic network is vast and encompasses the entire globe. The Freemasons' Hall in London is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and a meeting place for the Masonic Lodges in the London area. The building is used both internally and externally as a stand-in for Thames House (the home of MI5) in the TV series Spooks."

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Awakening to the LIES of the Roman Catholic church

April said:
Most people don't understand the pyramid of government either. The head of the snake is the Vatican and the Zionists report into them. The secret societies are these Bohemian Grove sacrificial ceremonies and ALL governments around the world are part of this vast pedo network. Many people are starting to see the light. I am uncertain about many things now. Who wrote the Bible? Many now believe that it was all symbolism and that Jesus was supposed to have been symbolic of the sun. I have no idea. All I know is that almost everything we've been told is a LIE.

Comment on this Facebook discussion.

My replies following...

Yes. Many people are realising that so much of what we understand to be "real" is actually a fiction. You'll find lots of articles on my blog discussing this very thing...

Apollonius even raised a young woman from her death-bed... Sound familiar? Ref: the supposed Lazarus being raised from the dead. Apollonius was educated as a Pythagorean philosopher... This involved an education in what we now call "quantum physics". Apollonius knew very well what quantum physics is, and how molecules can be directed through thought #ObservationProblem #ScienceOfImagery  and thereby manifest in healing people. 

Image - The Pythagorean School

Not enough is known about the Pythagorean school. Apollonius (4-97 AD/CE) studied for a year in Sophistry at age 16 (in 20 AD), then chose the rigors of the Pythagorean school. He studied in Pythagoreanism from ages 17-21 and again from 23-28. During the last 5 years, he undertook 5 years of silence, as per the ancient admonition of Pythagoras to do so. That tradition had long been dropped, by the 1st century. Apollonius of Tyana took 18 months off in the middle of his study to settle his father's estate after his passing. Note: Apollonius's brother squandered his half of the inheritance before he returned to the family estate, where Apollonius helped him return to a right mind... Sound familiar? It should #ProdigalSon

After Apollonius's 5 year of silence, he began his mission as a fully-fledged philosopher, which was an actual job in the Greek tradition... And where did he go to from ages 29-34? To southern Judea - south Palestina (Israel) where he continued in discussion with other sages, he healed people, and he taught them how to live a good life with each other. Peculiarly, Apollonius of Tyana never once came across "Jesus of Nazareth", which is very strange considering they were both (allegedly) teaching great truths in the same very small country at the same time... You can walk the whole of Palestina in around 3 days. And yet Apollonius never met "Jesus".  Funny that!

The notoriety of Apollonius of Tyana was huge... all over the mediterranean world. Apollonius travelled from Spain, Italy and Greece all the way to Iraq (Babylon), from Egypt to Algeria, and on three separate occasions during his 93 years of life, he went down into India (the Indus). There were 16 temples erected in his honour all over the Mediterranean (not to worship him), but for the practice of the "true religion" they called it, which Apollonius is said to have revived. People had seen the light and found the true religion of LOVE. And where are those temples today? Gone. Gone. All of these temples were torn down by Rome, and every mention of Apollonius in scrolls, letters and "books" of the day were burned !! That's how much Rome wanted to eradicate all memory of him. The agenda of "love" did not fit with the Roman war machine, so by 300CE, the Romans had to eliminate this religion and these philosophies of peace. It's very difficult to raise an army when the predominant teaching infiltrating all through the Empire was, "Give to Rome what is Rome's (material gold aka taxes), and give to God what belongs to God..." (which of course is your Essential Nature - the eternal soul-being) "... Love one another..." and "If someone strikes you on the cheek, turn the other cheek also." Yes... very hard for Rome to raise its mercenary armies all over the Empire when this teaching of Apollonius was being spread abroad.

My personal opinion is this: That the Roman elites took the memory of the man Apollonius of Tyana and what he taught, and created their own books... about a great teacher called "Iesus Christus". The "tell" is actually in the name... It's a Roman name, even though preachers will tell you it's Greek, it's not. I studied in Classical Studies (including Roman Latin) at university for 4 years. "Iesus Christus" is most certainly Roman! Then what did this "Iesus Christus" have to do so that Rome could maintain control of the masses?  The Romans had to meld these stories with the religion of Mithraism, which was the biggest religion of Rome up until the 2nd century AD, and then very strangely, it just peetered out. Strange that... considering that the "saviour story" of Mithras then popped up in the new religion dubbed "Christianity". The other "tell" in this "Christianity" that Rome created is that you need a priest (in the original Roman tradition of that church) so you can "get to" God - just the same as in Mithraism, in the worship of Zeus (consider the phonetics in pronouncing the name "Iesus" >> He-zeus), and in the worship of Amen (Amen-Ra down in Egypt) which was part of the Roman Empire, via Julius Caesar - Cleopatra connections. Do you also see it now...?? In the new "Christianity", you needed a priest to get to God. In Apollonius's teaching, you are filled with the radiance of God throughout every cell of your being - therefore, what is the use of a priest? The other function of the priest was to collect secrets for the Roman elites... through "the confessional" - just like in "The God Father". This I feel (and understand) is how Rome created this religion off the back of Apollonius's popularity and notoriety. Rome usurped the teaching... and continued to keep the people under its thumb.

So who was it who wrote the New Testament? ... some clues here >>

That's right... The Sun God. Why do you think Christian prayers are punctuated at the end with "Amen"? aka Amun Ra, Amon Ra, Amen Ra.

... And oh yes... We can go deeper down the rabbit hole after this... all the way to pedophilia, to grown adult males and Roman soldiers rutting each other in secret, and ritual child sexual sodomy and sacrifice. We see the highly fashionable and desirable Roman catamite - the Roman child sex slave. Note: It was socially unacceptable for grown men of marriageable age (around 30 years) to have sex with each other. It was considered perfectly fine to torture a child with your penis however.

Image - Idealized. Zeus and Ganymede.


The following studies are not for the faint-hearted. Most of the 26 links on this link are written by me. I had to go down many rabbit holes to join all of these dots together. Please go slow... May your eyes see also the trick that has been done #MagicTrick #Illusion #BabylonianMagicians

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How Rome ruled the world long after the Roman Empire failed.

Image from Wikipedia

The Jesus story is fake. The wise young philosopher who lived in southern Palestina from c.33-38 CE was a man called "Apollonius of Tyana" (c.4-97 CE). He studied in Greek philosophy and the mystic arts (quantum physics) from the ages of 16-28. After that, he went and lived with other ascetics like himself in south Palestine. He taught the people and did miraculous healings for the people - young, old, rich and poor, men and women alike. His teaching was the beginning of true altruism - he taught people how to live with each other and how to relate to their Maker. He was aged around 29-34 years old when he lived in Palestine... and nope - He never bumped into "Iesus Christus". That's because "Iesus Christus" is a composite figure made up by the Roman elite families.

Check it out... The Roman elites decided to incorporate Rome's favourite "saviour and sacrifice" religion, Mithraism (Persian Mithra was a sun God) into a story interwoven with the life of the very famous Apollonius. One of the evidences that it was Rome who intentionally did this, follows. In the creation of their "true church", the Roman Catholic (meaning 'general') Church, they set up a hierarchical priesthood. This has the stamp of Rome all over it, being that Rome was a heavily hierarchical and patriarchal society. In the top echelon of priests are the "cardinals". The cardinals could only be from the elite houses of Rome - the Patricians. If you were a very good priest all of your life and low-born, you could never become a Cardinal. The selection of a Pope, the "priest of priests" who somehow metamorphosed into God "Himself" after his inauguration, could only be taken from the College of Cardinals. Are we seeing the picture here. All popes ever after selected were Roman elites... the elite families of Rome had set up their church so the elite families would continue to rule the world, long after the Roman Empire had fallen. Dirty tricksters!

Apollonius had 16 temples built in his honour by 200 CE, all over the Mediterranean world. They didn't worship Apollonius - but they recognised him as the one who taught people the "true religion" that connects people to their maker in very simple ways - through the heart. The Romans didn't like this at all... how could they? Rome's m.o. was "rape, pillage, conquer". You can't raise an army from the general population who is given over to the idea of "turn the other cheek" or who govern their lives by teachings such as, "he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword", and "give to Caesar what is Caesar's and give to God what is God's" - ie: your heart, mind and soul - a life of being in service to others. The Roman army was not about service to others, only service to self. The mercenaries of Rome put out their hands for the gold of Rome. To such men, money IS god.

Apollonius absolutely challenged "the establishment". His influence extended for 300 years and longer... right to this day. Just look around you at the number of churches that exist who teach this man's words of Love. By 300 Common Era (CE), all record of Apollonius was removed from the literature, and any copies of his biography were burned. Of course, they (the Roman elites) didn't find all the references to Apollonius. Mention of his name still exists in various letters and historic excerpts. And the 16 temples of the "true religion"? All of the temples built in honour of Apollonius to the "true religion" of heart, were all torn down, stone from stone by Rome - which has no heart. This religion was then morphed into "the Church of Rome", out of which all other Christian demon-in-nations have sprung. The citadels of Rome are full of witchery and child blood sacrifice and cannibalism of the baby flesh... of satanism and sodomy of the innocents to this day. All of these things are coming out into the open now #Pizzagate  #Pedogate  All memory of Apollonius was completely rubbed out... almost...

Thanks to some very brave people who were conservators at the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt c.250 CE, a copy of "The Life of Apollonius" by Philostratus (finished c.230 CE) was smuggled out of the library before the Aurelian inferno was ordered AD 270–275. Four main arsons are known to be done against the library between 48 BCE and 642 CE - three of these were committed by Rome. At least two of these Roman arsons would have been done to hide the true human histories. The smuggling out of "The Life of Apollonius" would have been done at great personal risk to those brave souls who undertook that dangerous plan. It is them we need to thank. The copy was then "vanished" into the Arabian desert as it was then called, which is a region of north Saudi Arabia today. It's this copy, re-copied over the centuries, that tells us the true story of this man of love - Apollonius of Tyana - The great Pythagorean teacher and healer who lived in Palestina, Roman Judea from c.33-38 CE.

Philostratus' "The Life of Apollonius"

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Episode 2 - Apollonius of Tyana

Published on Feb 21, 2016
A short film about this mysterious Greek philosopher and holy man.

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Life. 1.4 Apollonius was a "Thracian" native, born in the city of Tyana

"Life of Apollonius of Tyana" by Philostratus

Book 1

1.4   Apollonius was born to a wealthy founding native Tyanian family

"Apollonius' home, then, was Tyana, a Greek city amidst a population of Cappadocians. His father was of the same name [Apollonius] and the family descended from the first settlers [northern Greek Thracians?]. It excelled in wealth the surrounding families, though the district is a rich one."
- Philostratus in translation

Could this be translated
"The district is a rich one and the surrounding families excelled in wealth." ??

Image source

Caption: "In greek 'Tyana', in Latin 'Tyana'. Ancient city in Asia Minor, Cappadocia, at the center of today's Turkish Kemerhisar [district], 25 km SSW of Nigde. Existing [Surviving the] Hittite invasion, under the first Hittite king Labarna (c.1680-50 BC) it became a great religious center. Later it belonged to the Phrygians and Persians. It became a Roman colony in sec. II [100-200 CE?] and bishopric [ie: a district under a bishop's control; a diocese] in the first half of the next century [200-250 CE?] then passed to the Arabs [sic] (sec. VIII-IX) [800-900 CE?]. It was finally abandoned around Mille [1000 CE? after which it was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire 1259-1924 CE]. It is believed that there [in that place] was born Apollonius of Tyana, a philosopher neopitagorico [by neo-Pythagorean -  translated from the Turkish] [in the first ??] century AD."

Translated from the Italian using

Image source

Source "Ancient map of Thrace"

Map locator

Source  Modern day map showing how ancient Thrace would have covered southern Bulgaria, north eastern Greece, and far western Turkey beyond Istanbul/Constantinople/Byzantium.

Tyana - from the "Summa Gallicana"

Tyana (or Tyanna) was an ancient city of Anatolia, in modern south-central [eastern] Turkey. It was the capital of a Hittite kingdom in the 2nd millennium BC, and had a long history as a Greek city state... Tyana was a queen in Anatolia.

Tyana is probably the city referred to in Hittite archives as Tuwanuwa [and the region as 'Kizzuwatna' ? See the second map above]. In Greek legend the city was first called Thoana, because Thoas, a Thracian king, was its founder (Arrian, Periplus Ponti Euxini, vi); it was in Cappadocia, at the foot of Taurus Mountains and near the Cilician Gates (Strabo, XII, 537; XIII, 587). Xenophon mentions it in his book Anabasis, under the name of Dana, as a large and prosperous city. The surrounding plain was known after it as "Tyanitis" [and in later times, the Konya Plain whereupon is also found the ancient the city of Çatalhöyük which flourished from c.7500-6500 BCE.]

[My observation is that large portions of the Konya Plain have become subject to desertification. I feel there are three possibilities for this - (1) the ongoing ravages of war over many centuries (including the Crusades), impacting the region; (2) the removal of native trees and plants from the mid-19th century onwards (as all over the world) in an attempt to mechanise farming; (3) a change in environmental conditions due to the natural cycling of Earth through Ice Ages and warmer periods. We are currently in a naturally occurring "warming" period. We now take note of this plain as being a fairly fragile environment. My belief is that it was a flourishing, abundant, fertile floodplain (fed by the Taurus Mountains) in times gone past. What else could account for the plain being such a heavily populated area from 8000-5500 BCE? There must have been a way to sustain human life - ie: through food production.]

Image - Konya Plain, eastern modern day Turkey

[Tyana] was in a strategic position on the road to Syria via the Cilician Gates. It is the reputed birth-place of the celebrated philosopher (and reputed magician) [sic] Apollonius of Tyana in the first century. Under Roman Emperor Caracalla the city became "Antoniana colonia Tyana". After having sided with Queen Zenobia of Palmyra it was captured by Aurelian [Lucius Domitius Aurelianus Augustus, ie: not Marcus Aurelius] in 272, who would not allow his soldiers to sack it, allegedly because Apollonius appeared to him [posthumously], pleading for its safety.

In 371, Emperor Valens created a second province of Cappadocia, Cappadocia Secunda, of which Tyana became the metropolis. The ruins of Tyana are at modern Kemerhisar, three miles south of Nigde (in the former Ottoman province of Konya); there are remains of a Roman aqueduct and of cave cemeteries and sepulchral grottoes.

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A long haired, bearded, white robed man who calmed the seas: Apollonius

Image source

I believe his name was actually "Apollonius of Tyana". He lived at the same time as the Roman-created JC and worked many miracles during his life. He studied in Anatolia (Turkey) in Pythagoreanism, then went to India for a long time where he embraced the Vedic truths as well. That's why there's a 'mythology' about "Jesus being in India", because who they're really talking about is this "Apollonius of Tyana" who is an ACTUAL man. Nothing in Archaeology or written documentation of the time, has ever put a 'Jesus of Nazareth' on the map in Judea (Roman Palestine) in the years 4-37AD. However, Apollonius the man, WAS living in Palestine from around 33-38 AD, after he'd finished his 5 years of silence in Anatolia. After his silence, he began "his mission". The 5 years of silence was the 'final rite of passage' before he could present himself to the world as a Pythagorean sophist (philosopher). Interesting man. But YES !! Apollonius who did miracles, raised the dead and calmed the seas WAS living in Roman Judea from 33-38 AD !! So was HE in fact, the 'character' that the Roman elite families used to develop their stories in the New Testament, and upon which the whole of Christendom through "Roman Catholocism" is based ??

I wouldn't put it past them :-/

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Life. 1.3 Introducing Damis

Map c.1000 CE


"Life of Apollonius of Tyana" by Philostratus

Book 1

1.3 We are introduced to Damis, Apollonius' travelling companion and scribe.

While Damis was likely to be an actual person, some of the content he wrote on his travels doesn't seem to "add up". Therefore, what Philostratus cites as being "Damis", may not be entirely accurate, Philostratus says. We could infer that Damis' own words may have been "added to" or otherwise "embellished" by some scribes who came after him, to defame the name of Apollonius - possibly agents of Rome. Here's some of the points Philostratus makes about Damis:
  • Damis was in no means stupid.
  • He came from the ancient city of Ninevah (see map above), which by all accounts is far inland, in the region known in those times (1 CE) as the "Hindu Kush" region. The old city today is located in northern Iraq, just west of Mosul by the look of it.
  • Damis followed Apollonius as he was a student of 'wisdom' (Sophia, hence: PhiloSophia)
  • Damis "records [Apollonius'] opinions and discourses and all his prophecies."
  • It was one of Damis' kinsmen who informed Julia Domna, wife of [Emperor] Septimius Severus that this previously unknown documentation of Apollonius' life, existed.

Philostratus says: "Now I belonged to the circle of the empress, for she was a devoted admirer of all rhetorical exercises; and she commanded me to recast and edit these essays, at the same time paying more attention to the style and diction of them; for the man of Nineveh [Damis] had told his story clearly enough, yet somewhat awkwardly."

As well as the record kept by Damis, Philostratus also references these primary sources:
  • the book of Maximus of Aegae, which comprised all the life of Apollonius in Aegae
  • a will composed by Apollonius

Philostratus states very clearly: "We must not pay attention anyhow to Moeragenes, who composed four books about Apollonius, and yet was ignorant of many circumstances of his life."

Philostratus: "That then I combined these scattered sources together and took trouble over my composition, I have said; but let my work, I pray, redound to the honor of the man who is the subject of my compilation, and also be of use to those who love learning. For assuredly, they will here learn things of which as yet they were ignorant."

And I must add here:  We in these modern times, thank YOU Philostratus, for your diligence to your task. I am sure we look forward to a scholarly work, and one that might astound us at times. But to yourself and Julia Domna, to you both, humanity is very much indebted. And a heartfelt thank you also to those men and women who risked life and limb to smuggle Philostratus' biography of Apollonius out of the library of Alexandria in the common era (CE), before it was burned. Thank you - from BronnyNZ and the world. Much love belongs to you all. I acknowledge you here.

Note from another source: The Great Library of Alexandria
"Apollonius of Tyana's biography was recorded in a work by Philostratus, the Life of Apollonius, which was written some time after the death of Julia Domna (the wife of [Emperor] Septimius Severus) in AD 217."

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Life. 1.1-2 Pythagoras. Apollonius is no wizard. Sources.

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"Life of Apollonius of Tyana" by Philostratus

Book 1

1.1  This is an introduction to Pythagoras.

Apollonius in his younger years, from age 16 to 28 or thereabouts, did his training as a philosopher at the school in Aegae. It is said that Apollonius had a natural interest in and affinity for, the Pythagorean teaching.

Pythagoras' religious predelictions:
  • Pythagoras did not wear apparel made from dead animal products
  • He abstained from all flesh and from offering animals in sacrifice.
  • He would offer honey-cake and frankincense and the hymn of praise - these were the offerings made to the Gods by this man.

It was said that Pythagoras had a direct communication with the Gods, and from that source he learned about things in the natural world, eg: of a physics nature, or mathematics, of sound, pattern, shape and measurement.

"Pythagoras said that Apollo had come to him acknowledging that he was the god in person."

The followers of Pythagoras accepted as law any decisions communicated by him... As part of their training, followers would impose a ritual silence on themselves.

1.2  Philostratus explains that Apollonius is not a wizard.

"For quite akin to theirs was the ideal which Apollonius pursued, and more divinely than Pythagoras he wooed wisdom and soared above tyrants."

"He practiced true wisdom as a sage, and sanely."

"He had interviews with the wizards of Babylon and with the Brahmans of India, and with the nude ascetics of Egypt."

Because of this, some called Apollonius a "wizard" and have maligned his good name.

Philostratus points out that previous philosophers had visited the wizards in Babylon, "and uttered many supernatural truths, yet never stooped to the black art", and even Plato "mingled with his own discourses much of what he heard from the prophets and priests there; and though, like a painter, he laid his own colors on to their rough sketches, yet he never passed for a wizard, although envied above all mankind for his wisdom."

And the same is true to Apollonius, says Philostratus 

Apollonius in fact, did forsee and knew many things before they happened.

Even Anaxagoras protests Philostratus, predicted "that day would be turned into night, and stones would be discharged from heaven round Aegospotami," but were attributed to Anaxagoras' wisdom.

Apollonius made predictions correctly also, but some say "that he achieved these results by art of wizardry."

Philostratus then writes:  "It seems to me then that I ought not to condone or acquiesce in the general ignorance, but write a true account of the man, detailing the exact times at which he said or did this or that, as also the habits and temper of wisdom, by means of which he succeeded in being considered a supernatural and divine being."

[That's interesting! So people at the time thought Apollonius was a God incarnate ??]

Philostratus says: "And I have gathered my information partly from the many cities where he was loved, and partly from the temples whose long-neglected and decayed rites he restored, and partly from the accounts left of him by others and partly from his own letters. For he addressed these to kings, sophists, philosophers, to men of Elis, of Delphi, to Indians, and Ethiopians; and in his letters he dealt with the subjects of the gods, of customs, of moral principles, of laws, and in all these departments he corrected the errors into which men had fallen. But the more precise details which I have collected are as follows."

Original source on Livius: