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Introduction to Apollonius of Tyana from

Tyana in Asia Minor - modern day Turkey.


Apollonius of Tyana                                                    Jesus of Nazareth

charismatic teacher                                                      yes
miracle worker                                                              yes
first century CE)                                                           yes
born in Tyana in the Roman Empire (4 CE)                Bethlehem, Judea
native tongue was likely Aramaic                                yes
Pythagorean philosopher                                             Hebrew scholar
received divine honors in the third century               fourth century @ Nicea (his inception)
Philostratus wrote a lengthy Life of Apollonius         New Testament commenced
hardly anything about the sage is certain                   overtones of Horus and Mithras myths
frequently compared to Jesus of Nazareth                 may have been modelled off Apollonius

Philostratus in the "Life of Apollonius of Tyana"                                               Jesus
  • describes the sage of Tyana as a superhuman                                             yes
  • neo-Pythagorean philosopher                                                                       Hebrew
  • tried to reform cultic practices in modern Greece, Turkey, and Syria       Palestine
  • had several disciples                                                                                       yes
  • traveled extensively - Egypt, Babylon, India, Spain                                      Palestine
  • met important Roman officials                                                                       Pilate
  • debated with several other philosophers                                                      Hebrews

Note: Philostratus takes a stand against the accusation that Apollonius had been a magician. Philostratus stresses that the miracles performed were the result of superior knowledge, not of wizardry.

See regarding Apollonius' letters (likely fabrications) and Apollonius' books.

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Books by Apollonius of Tyana

Here is a list of books said to be authored by Apollonius, written by himself or dictated to a scribe. As there was a concerted effort by the Roman elites (Catholic Church) in the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE to eradicate every trace of Apollonius, burning of all Apollonius' books across the Roman Empire was ordered. It would seem that none of these books survived. The main work we have available to us today is Philostratus' "Life of Apollonius of Tyana".

Dr RW Barnard and other scholars suggest the burning of the library at Alexandria (Egypt) may have been ordered so knowledge of Apollonius would further be suppressed. It is said that the copy of Philostratus' "Life of Apollonius of Tyana" that was lodged at the library was smuggled out, and secreted in the east, somewhere in Arabia. It is from that copy that further copies and translations were made.

Books cited by Philostratus in the "Life of Apollonius of Tyana"
  • a hymn in honor of Memory
  • a testament 
  • a book containing Pythagoras' doctrines - kept in Hadrian's palace in Antioch
  • Life of Pythagoras
  • four books On astrology - Philostratus doubts these were written by Apollonius
  • a book On sacrifices - seen by Philostratus in learned men's houses. Written in Apollonius' native tongue (probably Aramaic)

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We need to remember that although Jesus was supposedly literate, he never left any writings for us himself - from neither his pen, nor dictated to a scribe. On the other hand, Apollonius did. This may be another indicator that Jesus is a fictional character designed by the Romans and inserted into the culture from 325 AD. By contrast, Apollonius was most certainly real.


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