Saturday 2 September 2023

John The Beloved... Another piece of the puzzle.

BRACE YOURSELF: Jesus' TRUE Teachings! It'll Give You GOOSEBUMPS! | John Davis

Premiered Mar 5, 2023

John Davis was raised in a Catholic family and did not believe in reincarnation when an intuitive reader told him he "walked with Jesus" and revealed who he had been. Intuitively John felt that he had, but being Catholic, he suppressed those feelings and brushed the idea aside. But God/Universe doesn't always let things go. Over the next year, and without provocation, nineteen different readers told John of the same past life. Still defiant and not wanting this information only from psychics, John found a past life regression therapist and regressed. The results were startling. John fully remembers the life and brings forth the lessons he learned under Jeshua's tutelage. Please enjoy my conversation with John Davis. 


0:00 - Episode Teaser 
1:13 - John's life prior to remembering his past memories 
3:20 - John the beloved 
13:56 - How did John deal with his past memories? 
20:18 - What is fear? 
24:48 - Remembering Jesus life 
28:48 - Did Jesus resurrect? 
31:33 - Finding love in any religion 
36:37 - What to do when people come negatively 
39:09 - God and Jesus is a trigger word 
42:04 - The Catholic Faith 
48:03 - Did Jesus meditate? 
49:02 - What meditation can do to you 
1:06:38 - What's going on in the world today? 
1:14:07 - Living a Good Life 
1:14:23 - Definition of God 
1:14:29 - Ultimate purpose of life 
1:14:40 - John's work 
1:15:22 - Final Message

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