Thursday 14 September 2023

Apollonius' letter to grieving parents who lost their child. Eternal beings...

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Apollonius of Tyana to P. Valerius Asiaticus, upon the death of his son said: 

"There is no death of anyone, but only in appearance, even as there is no birth of any, save only in seeming. The change from being [spirit form] to becoming [physical form] seems to be birth, and the change from becoming [physical] to being [spirit] seems to be death, but in reality no one is ever born, nor does one ever die. It is simply a being visible [physical] and then invisible [spirit]; the former through the density of matter, and the latter because of the subtlety of being—being which is ever the same, its only change being motion and rest.
"For being [spirit form] has this necessary peculiarity, that its change is brought about by nothing external to itself; but whole becomes parts, and parts become whole in the oneness of the all. And if it be asked: What is this which sometimes is seen and sometimes not seen, now in the same, now in the different?—it might be answered: It is the way of everything here in the world below that when it is filled out with matter it is visible, owing to the resistance of its density, but is invisible, owing to its subtlety, when it is rid of matter, though matter still surround it and flow through it in that immensity of space which hems it in but knows no birth or death.

"But why has this false notion [of birth and death] remained so long without a refutation? Some think that what has happened through them, they have themselves brought about. They are ignorant that the individual is brought to birth through parents [facilitators], not by parents [as the "source" of life - they are not the architects of the human physiology], just as a thing produced through the earth is not produced from it. The change which comes to the individual is nothing that is caused by his visible surroundings, but rather a change in the one thing which is in every individual.

"And what other name can we give to it but primal being? ’Tis it alone that acts and suffers becoming all for all through all, eternal deity, deprived and wronged of its own self by names and forms. But this is a less serious thing than that a man should be bewailed, when he has passed from man to God by change of state and not by the destruction of his nature. The fact is that so far from mourning death you ought to honour it and reverence it.
"The best and fittest way for you to honour death is now to leave the one who's gone to God, and set to work to play the ruler over those left in your charge as you were wont to do. It would be a disgrace for such a man as you to owe your cure to time and not to reason, for time makes even common people cease from grief. The greatest thing is a strong rule, and of the greatest rulers he is best who first can rule himself.
"And how is it permissible to wish to change what has been brought to pass by will of God? If there's a law in things, and there is one, and it is God who has appointed it, the righteous man will have no wish to try to change good things, for such a wish is selfishness, and counter to the law, but he will think that all that comes to pass is a good thing.
"On! heal yourself, give justice to the wretched and console them; so shall you dry your tears. You should not set your private woes above your public cares, but rather set your public cares before your private woes. And see as well what consolation you already have! The nation sorrows with you for your son. Make some return to those who weep with you; and this you will more quickly do if you will cease from tears than if you still persist.
Have you not friends? Why! you have yet another son. Have you not even still the one that's gone? You have! — will answer anyone who really thinks. For 'that which is' doth cease not — nay is just for the very fact that it will be for aye; or else the 'is not' is, and how could that be when the 'is' doth never cease to be?

"Again it will be said you fail in piety to God and are unjust. ’Tis true. You fail in piety to God, you fail in justice to your boy; nay more, you fail in piety to him as well. Would’st know what death is? Then make me dead and send me off to company with death, and if you will not change the dress you've put on it, you will have straightway made me better than yourself."

- Apollonius of Tyana

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  • Del 
    the judism out of babylon (ezra/nemeiah) is behind the re-writing of the tanakh and later, xanity, and then with the catholic (universal church) islam...
  • Bronwyn Llewellyn
    VERY WELL SAID Del 🙂 Thank you for joining these dots for us. I don't know 'the Tanakh'. Please post more on this (y)

  • Del 
    just like the rise and ebb of dominate nations, there is a hidden history, a rise and ebb of elite families, which is hidden betwee the lines of history, going back to Sumner and ancient Egypt, ~2350 BCE
    the alliances of the rothschilds, rockerfellers and the rest of the '13' 'families' is the most recent incarnate of these ruling elite.

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