Thursday 9 July 2020

The Mystery of Apollonius: A brief biography...

Screenshots are taken from the video below. Please click on the images to see in full view. Some information in the video is, I feel, erroneous and based on oral traditions that cannot be verified historically. That's why I published the video at the end of this article, since I don't think it's altogether accurate. The following screenshots I believe contain the correct information.

Apollonius was no magician. He refused the "black arts" as he called them, even though he investigated these arts in both Egypt and Babylon. He was indeed a true healer who had knowledge of how to manipulate matter and make quantum particles reorder themselves in accordance to the willing of his mind. Please see this article for an example of a modern day healing: Spiral fracture healed 1977.  For a more detailed description of this healing, please go here > "Miracle"

Apollonius was schooled in Pythagoreanism. Discussion included such oddities called in our terminology today "the quantum field", Tesla maths, and sound resonance. Please see the following article on this blog for more about sound resonance >

Religion, Mysticism, Maths and Music - Pythagoras

Go to the sound resonance link above to see this video.

A brief biography...

December 5, 2016

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